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Through Sin + Self Destruction

Hola, My Name is Heather, I'm 18 this is my band blog. Follow me on twitter at @CaptainHeather_ Kik me at: Heather_B4685 :)

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this is gospel for the fallen ones…



the thrilling saga in which Panic! owns the fuck out of WBC

A+ handling of the situation






Parkway Drive 

Did they just wall of death on the equator?


I tried so hard not to reblog this. But it was just so amazing I had to.

why would you try not to reblog this


It seems our boys have trouble with Flashlights. 


I’m so sick of people complaining about “gender specific” things. Like yeah if I have a daughter I’m gonna dress her in pink, and let her play with Barbies. If I have a son I’m gonna dress him in blue, and let him play with Hot Wheels. HOWEVER if at some point my son says “Momma can I play with my…

Great song! Great video.

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<3 Midnight sky <3

I am seriously debating if I should just delete this blog or not. I don’t have very many followers, and I hardly ever post on it. So I thought I’d ask you all! If you don’t think I should delete this blog please send me an ask. If I get no asks by tomorrow *6.24.14* then I will be deleting it. 

Thank you for your time

I also enjoy this song a lot 

Honestly one of my favorite songs at the moment.